Exam rage on the increase

  • Aggressive behaviour towards examiners has led to changes in the BHS examination system

    A rise in abusive behaviour towards British Horse Society examiners has led the BHS to stop giving out results at the end of the BHS Stage I, II, III and Preliminary Teach Test exams.

    From 1 January 2002, all candidates will have to supply an SAE when they apply for their exam and will receive their results via post.

    Previously, the candidates would be given their results at the end of the day and examiners would be available to discuss the candidates strengths and weaknesses.

    However, following a number of incidents over the past year, the BHS has decided that to change the system to prevent its examiners from suffering abuse.

    “This was not a decision which was taken lightly”, said BHS spokesman Nichola Gregory. “However, BHS exams are professional qualifications and standards must be maintained or the qualifications become devalued.

    “The examiners are in an impossible role. They want to pass the candidates but if they are not up to the standard, then they simply can’t.

    “If a candidate believes they have been treated unfairly by the examiner then there is an complaints procedure in place. The new procedure will prevent individuals and their associates from complaining directly to the examiner.”

    The BHS believes that the increase in aggressive behaviour towards its examiners is endemic of how society has changed in recent years.

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