Two police horses that were wounded last week (12 January) in a dog attack while on patrol in Chelmsford, Essex, are recovering well.

The horses, named Bella and Biscuit, suffered deep cuts when they were chased and bitten by a dog. Their riders, PC Frank Pallet and PC Sarah Fisk,were thrown from the horses, but were uninjured.

Biscuit was most seriously injured, and has been stitched from elbow to hoof; Bella has stitches in two shoulder wounds, and also suffered puncture wounds on her body. But the stitches are healing nicely.

“Bella and Biscuit are doing well,” said a spokesman for Essex Police. “They have been ridden out today [Wednesday 19 January] for the first time since the incident and we hope they will be well enough to go back on patrol next week.”

A 34-year-old woman has been arrested and questioned on suspicion of having a dangerous dog. She has been bailed until 28 January.

A dog has been seized by the police and they are investigating offences under the Dangerous Dogs Act.