Escaped pony rescued from ditch [PICS]

  • An escaped pony was rescued by firefighters after falling into a ditch earlier this month (Sunday 8 March).

    A building was being constructed next to the pony’s field and a 5ft trench had been dug for the foundations.

    The pony broke free from his paddock and fell into the ditch.

    haybales2Shropshire Fire Service and Animal Rescue Specialists were called and arrived at 8am. Using straw bales, they created steps to help the pony to climb out.

    “He became quite calm when he realised he couldn’t get out,” watch manager Craig Jackson told H&H.

    “We always have a vet there before we do anything, but we decided not to sedate him as we wanted him to walk out over the straw bales.

    “He managed to get up the steps and out of the ditch so there was no need to lift him out.”

    The pony was rescued in 45 minutes and was not injured.

    ponystuckditch2Mr Jackson explained that the use of straw bales was a new technique for his team.

    “It worked perfectly — the ditch was just the right size for the bales.

    “The owner had already put a couple of bales at the bottom and the crew decided to move on that line.

    “It was lucky it worked as there wasn’t room to get the crane near to lift him out.”

    The Shropshire Fire Service and Animal Rescue Specialists have rescued six horses in the past six months.

    This includes three incidents previously reported on horseandhound.co.uk — a mare that was winched from a ditch after falling over on a hack, a gelding that became trapped on a gate and a foal stuck in a slurry pit.


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