Equipe asymmetric stirrups promise a secure jumping position

  • The Equipe Asymmetric Stirrups are designed for showjumping and cross-country, and have been designed to place the rider’s leg in a secure, correct position.

    They enable the rider to keep their lower leg close to the horse’s side with the weight in the heel so they are in constant contact with the horse’s side.

    The stirrup is offset with a 30° angle at the head of the iron, creating an asymmetric effect.

    It stops riders gripping with their knees and stops the stirrup leathers twisting which happens when a rider places weight on their knees rather than in the heel — to achieve the perfect lower leg position for jumping.

    Made from a tough poly carbon synthetic mould, Equipe Asymmetric Stirrups are very light and come with interchangeable treads — one is traditional rubber and the second is a stainless steel tread with raised super grip surface.

    They are only available in one size.

    The stirrups have an RRP of £129.00 and are available from Zebra Products, 01352 763350 or www.zebraproducts.co.uk

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