Equestrian Edge sponsors British Breeders’ lifetime contribution award

  • The lifetime award for contributions to British sport horse and pony breeding has a new sponsor — analysis training and consultancy company Equestrian Edge.

    The Meritoire award is presented annually at the British Breeders’ dinner and has been won by Jennie Loriston-Clarke, Louella Stud, John Rawdings and Johanna Vardon, among others. It was previously sponsored by Merial.

    The prestigious award will now be known as the Equestrian Edge Meritoire, following the new sponsorship.

    Equestrian Edge managing director Sandie Chambers said: “To be involved with the Breeders’ Awards Dinner is a great opportunity for Equestrian Edge to work alongside British breeders, who will, after all, produce our performance horses of the future.”

    Equestrian Edge is an equestrian performance analysis training and consultancy company that provides expert world class training courses and services relating to equine and rider performance.

    Sandie Chambers continued: “Equestrian Edge works with clubs, teams, societies and individuals from all equine disciplines. Keeping ahead of the game and inside the game is the only way to keep the edge on the competition.

    “By providing the knowledge and the tools, Equestrian Edge can help horses achieve their potential.”

    The British Breeders’ awards dinner will be held in London on Saturday, 9 January. For more information, visit www.bef.co.uk

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