Equestrian calendar to raise money for injured riders

  • An equestrian calendar with a twist is on the market to raise funds for Cancer Research UK and the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund (MDIRF).

    The Fit for Life 2010 calendar, which has been on sale since 7 December, features photographs of equestrian-themed imitations of well-known adverts.

    “All of the girls in the photos are either riders or work with horses,” said Pete Glowski, the professional photographer who spawned the idea. “There is a strong equestrian theme in every shot.

    “For example, the front cover is a play on the Whiskers cat food advert, which has a tagline of ‘nine out of ten cats prefer Whiskers’. I’ve used ‘nine out of ten woman prefer horses’ instead.”

    Other companies whose adverts have been “equestrianised” include Guinness and Cadburys.

    The calendar, which is priced at £7.99, raised £1,000 on its launch night alone.

    “I originally wanted to raise money for Cancer Research UK, but my wife is a keen rider, and we have five horses at home, so we decided to split the money with the worthy MDIRF,” Pete said.

    If you are keen to get your hands on a copy of the calendar you will have to act quickly: only 750 calendars were produced, and over half of the stock has been sold already.

    For more information visit www.peteglowskiphotography.co.uk

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