Eight horses stolen overnight: devastated owner offers reward

  • An elderly deaf and blind mare and a three-month-old foal were among eight miniatures stolen from their field in Cambridgeshire last night (12-13 July).

    Owner Jo Everett has appealed to those responsible to return the horses, and is offering a reward for their safe return.

    Jo said the thieves “knew what they were doing”.

    “Our electric fence runs off the mains, but they had rubber gloves and rubber pliers,” she told H&H.

    “The ponies were herded into the furthest corner of the field from the house, then they cut a path through brambles and trees to their vehicle.

    “There are skid marks everywhere from where they were being chased; I’ve got three left and they’re absolutely terrified and traumatised. One’s lame but we can’t get anywhere near them.”

    As well as the elderly mare and the colt, two younger mares with foals at foot – one days old – and two yearlings were taken.

    “I’ve been in fits of tears,” Jo said. “I’ve had moments of being inconsolable, then back to clarity, thinking about who I’ve got to contact and about sharing the pictures.

    “The elderly mare won’t have a clue what’s going on, she’ll be so frightened. One recently had surgery and is very difficult to handle because of her previous treatment and they’ve stolen a colt from his mother. He won’t last long without her.”

    Jo said the horses are bred for she and her husband’s own use, as they show.

    “It’s a lifetime of breeding,” she said. “I’ve spent hours with them, I’ve got such emotional attachment but these people don’t care about that; they just want a couple of quid in their pockets.

    “I’m offering a reward. I’m not going to say the value as I want people to come forward and I just want them back. Please, come forward.”

    Anyone with information should call Cambridgeshire Police on 101.


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