Donations flood in to aid US canines

  • American dog charities receive millions of dollars to help dogs used in rescue efforts at the site of the World Trade Centre

    Animal lovers in the United States are reported to have donated around $1million to help search and rescue dogs used in New York after the 11 September attacks..

    The Times newspaper reports that more than a $100,000 dollars is expected to fund a three-year study to assess the physical and psychological effects suffered by dogs at the site.

    It says the money for the study is coming from American Kennel Club’s Canine Health Foundation and the Ralston Purina petfood company.

    The dogs – like their handlers – were working12-hour shifts and are reported to have been severely stressed at the site. Their training is not geared to such long periods of work or intensity.

    Some of the handlers were reported to have faked rescues among themselves so that the dogs could taste success.

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