Donate a fly fringe to help horses in Honduras

  • World Horse Welfare is asking horse lovers to help working cart horses in Honduras by donating a fly fringe.

    On Tuesday (22 March) the charity launched its Fly Fringe Appeal, and is calling for support.

    World Horse Welfare started a training project in the country last year to help the 130,000 working horses in Honduras.

    Horses in Honduras work continuously despite being plagued by relentless swarms of biting insects. And nearly half the of the 3,000 cart horses in San Pedro Sula have open wounds around their eyes.

    The charity is asking for donations of new halter fly fringes, which are made with tassels to help alleviate suffering and provide essential protection.

    “Heavy demands are placed upon the cart horses to earn much-needed income for their families,” said World Horse Welfare’s Karen O’Malley.

    “Donating a fly fringe will have an enormously positive impact on the quality of life of these animals. As many cart owners use homemade rope halters to control their horses, we are asking for donations of halter fly fringes that can be used without a bridle or headcollar.”

    You can either send a fringe in or buy one from the World Horse Welfare shop to be donated on your behalf.

    To help visit: www.worldhorsewelfare.org/flyfringe

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