Disadvantaged young people undertake 1,800km charity trek

  • A group of under privileged young people last week set off on an 1,800km journey across France to London raising money for charity.

    The White Horses Charity is an organisation that raises funds and awareness for disabled people and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

    A team of eight young people and the White Horses group leaders set off on 8 May to complete the challenge.

    Also taking part are eight horses – two Camargue horses driven in tandem pulling one covered wagon, one draught horse which also will be used in harness for a second wagon and five other Camargue horses.

    In 2008 Andrew Clark took part in the ride. They travelled to the Camargue in the south of France and rode back from France to London, raising funds for the Riding For The Disabled Association and French equivalents of the charity.

    This year the 1,800km journey will be undertaken again.

    “At the time I was considered to be one of thousands of ‘disadvantaged young people’ that we have in England and France, and I was selected through the Prince’s Trust to take part in this journey,” Andrew, who is now 23, told H&H.

    “Take it from it me; riding eight hours a day, in all weathers, for six months and camping every night can get pretty tough.

    “I hadn’t ridden before and I was scared of horses. It was a real challenge, I was just told to hold on and go with it and I really enjoyed it. Since I’ve come back I’ve trained as a saddle fitter. The charity really does changes the life of those involved as well as greatly benefiting the RDA.”

    For more information or to donate visit: www.sllassoc.com

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