Disabled beauty queen shows talent riding side-saddle

  • This year’s Miss Coventry, Kirstie Logan, is hoping to charm the Miss England judges with an unusual talent — riding side-saddle.

    Kirstie, 20, is not only set to show off her niche skill, but she is the first disabled beauty queen, suffering from chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

    At one point, Kirstie feared she might have to stop riding all together.

    But Kirstie’s mother, former national side-saddle champion Christina, who is also disabled, suggested Kirstie try side-saddle six months ago.

    “It is so elegant. I want to promote it and show you don’t have to give up riding if you compromise,” said Kirstie.

    This article was first published in Horse & Hound (24 June, ’10)

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