Desperately seeking horse dung

  • A researcher at the Royal Veterinary College is looking for droppings from horses being treated with Founderguard.

    The licenced product is used in the prevention of pasture-associated laminitis — but can be difficult to obtain.

    RCVS vet Nicola Menzies-Gow is looking into the consequences of long-term use of Founderguard, which contains the antibiotic drug virginiamycin. She is investigating whether the drug causes increased antibiotic resistance in equine gut bacteria.

    Nicola said: “If we can demonstrate that any resistance that does occur is only temporary and not transferred to other bacteria, this will provide evidence that the product should be used for the prevention of laminitis, and possibly increase its availability.”

    If your horse is being treated with Founderguard and you would like to help with the research, email Nicola at nmenziesgow@rvc.ac.uk

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