Dengie Horse Feeds supports The Blue Cross

  • Dengie Horse Feeds is to supply welfare charity The Blue Cross with free feed to help with the rehabilitation of rescued horses and ponies.

    Horses rescued by the Blue Cross often have dietary issues — either being malnourished and underweight or overweight and at risk of laminitis.

    Katie Williams, Dengie’s senior nutritionist, said: “Feeding Dengie alfalfa feeds alongside a broad spectrum supplement such as Dengie Vits and Mins will help these rescued horses recover and reach their ideal weight and health.

    “A high fibre diet is the most natural way of feeding and a correct diet will help them to overcome weight, skin and behaviour problems so they can hopefully be rehomed.”

    Dengie will be supplying feed to the Burford Equine Centre in Oxfordshire, the Rolleston Equine Centre in Staffordshire and will also be supporting the charity’s rehoming packs, allowing new owners to continue with the Dengie diet.

    Mandy Jones, Blue Cross head of rehoming, said: “Dietary problems are sadly very common, so the Dengie diet is the perfect way to support the rehabilitation and recovery of horses and ponies in need.”

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