Four-star eventer temporarily shuts yard due to strangles outbreak

  • Event rider Dani Evans has told H&H she has had to shut down her yard after an outbreak of strangles was confirmed last month (27 February).

    The 23-year-old rider had blood tests taken from Leaping Lord, a six-year-old novice eventer, after she noticed he seemed “a little bit flat”.

    Strangles — which is highly infectious and effects the respiratory system — was confirmed. Strangles quickly spread through all 14 of the horses kept at Dani’s yard in Woollard near Bristol.

    Dani has no idea where the infection had come from.

    “Most horses have come through it now and we just have to wait a couple of weeks to scope the yard (put a camera up the nose to inspect the guttural pouches),” Dani told H&H.

    “All the horses’ temperatures are back to normal and they are in light work as they are feeling much better.

    “But it’s important for all of them to be clear, fit and healthy before we think about going out again.”

    The outbreak did not affect any of the 18 horses on Dani’s mother’s livery yard which is next door, although the yard has had to be quarantined as well.

    Dani took advice and disinfected the yard as well as using a fogger to help prevent the spread.

    “Everyone has been amazing. Especially my owners whose trust, patience and support has been second to none,” added Dani.

    She has missed the start of the eventing season but is hoping to get her four-star prospect Raphael II and Smart Time to Bramham in June (11-14).

    “It all depends on their fitness and getting in enough runs to be able to go and be competitive,” said Dani.

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