Cut a dash in a festive side saddle habit

  • Stuck for something festive to wear at your Boxing Day meet?

    Festooning your horse with tinsel is so last season. Put the rest of the field to shame with this Father Christmas side saddle habit.

    They were made by Shirley Anderson (pictured) for herself, two daughters and a friend to wear on a Christmas charity ride near their home in Saintfield, Co Down, two years ago.

    Now that the family has downsized to one horse, Shirley feels it is time for “someone else to get out and have a bit of craic with them”.

    She has already sold 2 on eBay and the remaining 2, both size 10, are for sale through Equishop in Saintfield, price £75.

    “They’re good-quality fleece so the apron hangs well. I wore it with a hunt stock, shirt and waistcoat,” said Shirley.

    Her habits — based on an Alexander James pattern — have even won the approval of side saddle guru Roger Philpott.

    And there’s no need to agonise over whether to wear a bowler or top hat —they come complete with a Santa “silk” you can pull over your crash hat. A veil is optional.

    This article first appeared in H&H 5 December 2013.

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