‘I cried when I saw it’: HOYS competitors’ DVD disappointment

  • Showing exhibitors disappointed with the quality of commemorative DVDs of their performances at this year’s Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) are being recompensed by HOYS organiser Grandstand Media.

    Traditionally, the video of each finalist’s individual and class performance at Birmingham has been a highly-prized possession, but this year’s visual memories appear to have fallen far short of expectations.

    A new company, Impact Media, was contracted by HOYS this year to supply video coverage but more than 70 customers have complained via social media and direct to Grandstand that having paid up to £85 per DVD, they were unhappy with the coverage or they had still not received their DVDs – more than 10 weeks after the show.

    Those who have received DVDs said the coverage was “too short” and did not properly cover individual shows, presentations and laps of honour.

    Mountain and moorland exhibitor Katie Brown said: “The money side of it didn’t bother me as I wanted to relive that moment by watching the DVD. I would have paid any price as I can’t actually remember much of the day, but when I saw the DVD, my mum and I just sat and cried.

    “There is no go-round – just a quick few strides of everyone’s second canter. The edits all seem very rushed and badly ‘shoved together,’ and the final placings are non-existent.”

    Following numerous complaints, Grandstand Media obtained the original footage and asked another company to re-edit it. A spokesman for Grandstand Media said: “We are aware of the issues and are addressing them – a number of new, re-edited DVDs are being sent out free of charge this week (December 19) and more will follow; we are working hard to resolve the complaints received. We would ask anyone with further issues to contact us via press@grandstand.co.uk.”

    Grandstand’s intervention has been widely welcomed. “It has been amazing,” said Katie. “They [Grandstand] have been so helpful and extremely understanding – they have gained a lot of respect from me and other competitors.”

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    An Impact Media spokesman said: “We are aware of a small number of complaints that have been caused by a miscommunication as to what was to be included within the Horse of the Year Show souvenir DVDs that were offered to showing riders at this year’s event.

    “Anyone who was not satisfied with their purchase has been offered a replacement DVD.”

    Next year’s Horse of the Year Show runs from 4-8 October 2017.

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