Courtney Dye in “stable coma” after schooling accident

  • US international dressage rider Courtney Dye (née King) is reported to be in a “stable coma” after falling from a young horse last week.

    She was taken to hospital on Wednesday, 3 March, after the horse she was schooling slipped and fell, at home in Loxahatchee, Florida.

    Courtney suffered a fractured skull and small brain bleeds and was airlifted to hospital in North Palm Beach.

    Yesterday her husband, Jason Dye, posted an update on the rider’s website:

    “There is no way of knowing the timeframe for recovery, however the neurosurgeons, doctors and nurses all agree the greatest strength she has is her age and high level of fitness,” he wrote.

    “What they don’t know and I do is the unbelievable drive and determination that Courtney has, she will fight and fight and fight, no question. I know there has been an outpouring of support at all levels and want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for that, it would mean the world to Courtney and she is being reminded of it frequently in our talks. She has always loved the community aspect of the dressage world and would love to know that it is coming together for her.”

    It is unclear as to whether Courtney was wearing a riding hat when she fell.

    A spokesman for the United States Equestrian Federation told H&H: “As this wasn’t at a USEF competition we don’t have an accident report from the fall but all reports indicate that she was not wearing a helmet. We are all thinking about and praying for Courtney and her family.”

    US site The Chronicle of the Horse reported that her condition is improving and is scheduled for an MRI scan this week.

    “It’s still very grave, but since the accident, there’s been nothing negative. The bleed stopped quickly. The pressure never built up on her brain. She’s responded as expected. That’s a little bit of good news,” Lendon Gray, long time trainer and mentor told the paper.

    On Sunday (7 March) at Palm Beach Dressage Derby riders and fans held a prayer vigil and wore green ribbons to show their support.

    Jason is offering to read messages of support from fans to Courtney. If you have a message you want read please email to: comebackcourt@gmail.com

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