‘He’s living like a prince’: rare stallion sold to Pakistan government

  • A rare Cleveland bay stallion is “living like a prince” since being sold to Pakistan.

    North Yorkshire breeder Steve Pullan, of Aredis Sport Horses, has sold his homebred Arena Big Ben to the nation’s government.

    “I was driving up the motorway when I received a call completely out of the blue,” said Steve.

    “It was someone saying the Pakistani government was interested in buying Arena Big Ben, who they had seen online.”

    In Pakistan, Cleveland bays are the only breed of horse used to pull state carriages, and they are also used for government work.

    “Their interest was sparked due to the fact the Cleveland bay breed in Pakistan had lost substance and they needed to increase their numbers,” said Steve.

    “The people came over to look at him and liked what they saw so he was shipped out to Pakistan and is now living like a prince — in a beautiful stable with walk-in/walk-out access to a paddock that has a sun shade in!”

    Steve used Arena Big Ben to breed part-bred Cleveland bays as both sports horses and show horses.

    Aredis Little Ben

    He has had great success this season with his yearling colt Aredis Little Ben (Arena Big Ben x Terimon) who achieved a higher first futurity premium score of 8.75.

    Little Ben also recently took a top three finish in the in-hand championship at the young horse eventing championships at Osberton.

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    The colt is out of Steve’s 2006 Horse of the Year Show Cuddy title winner, Little Alice.

    Steve described the Cleveland bay as a “hardy breed with a very good temperament”.

    “They should be used more as general riding horses as although they are small they are very strong,” he said.

    “They are also fantastic as part-breds to make sport horses. I think there were only about 20 pure bred Cleveland bays born last year.”

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