Could this chilling video help save lives?

  • The British Horse Society (BHS) hopes its accepting the “mannequin challenge” will save lives.

    To mark Road Safety Week, the BHS has released a video showing the scene of an improvised road accident involving a horse and a car, to spread its “important message”.

    In keeping with the craze which has been sweeping the internet, all the people featured in the video are absolutely still, as if they are mannequins themselves.

    But instead of the entertaining poses shown in some videos, the “stars” of this film stand aghast, hands to faces, as they look at the prone figure of a rider next to her tarpaulin-covered mount, while others are frozen in the act of giving CPR, or pointing at the grisly scene.

    Instead of the music used to accompany some challenge videos, there is silence.

    BHS director of safety Alan Hiscox said: “As this is the end of Road Safety Week, this mannequin challenge, although seen as a light-hearted social media trend has a very important message, for all drivers and horse riders.

    “We want to emphasise the fact that drivers should pass horses wide and slow, and at no more than 15 mph. Riders should also wear high visibility clothing at all times.

    “We want this message to reach as many people as possible, and save lives.”

    His message is echoed at the end of the film, with the words: “Riders: wear high-vis” and: “Drivers: pass horses wide and slow” appearing on screen.

    The film was made with the help of Warwickshire Police.

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    PCSO Sharron Underwood, who took part in the video, said: “Horses can be unpredictable as they are fight or flight animals. Please slow down on your approach and pass wide and maintain a slow speed.

    “Make sure you refrain from revving your engine when passing a horse and rider or horse and carriage.”

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