Cheaper wood pellet product offered by bedding company

  • A Newbury manufacturer has produced a low-cost wood pellet horse bedding to beat the credit crunch.

    White Horse Bedding is offering its new WHB Value product for just £2.39 per 10kg bag (for 100 bags) or £2.80 for 50, including VAT and delivery.

    The company’s premium bedding costs £3.25 (for 100 bags) or £3.64 for 50.

    A spokesman for the company said: “Low cost wood pellets typically create a dusty atmosphere in the stable as they tend to be made from very fine fibres.

    “Our bedding is produced from carefully screened, consistently larger wood fibres, ensuring the pellet will not break down into fine dust.”

    He said the value product has comparable dust and absorbancy levels to the premium bedding. The main difference is that the value range has a slightly larger pellet and is a darker colour.

    WHB Value is also available from www.efeed.co.uk for £2.80 a bag.

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