Charity targets owners of inner-city horses

  • The Irish Horse Welfare Trust (IHWT) has launched a new horse and pony care booklet for Dublin City Council.

    The free illustrated booklet was created to help address the issue of neglect in the Dublin inner city area.

    It will be distributed to local schools and libraries in the coming weeks and will also be made available on the IHWT website

    It includes advice on how to judge the condition of a horse, feed management, farriers, feeding, worming, microchipping and passports, keeping your horse at grass and information on common medical conditions, such as rain scald, mud fever and ringworm.

    Sharon Newsome, co-founder of the IHWT, said: “An important aspect of our work is to communicate and deliver the message of equine welfare.

    “The goal is to reach out to those that are not linked to any formal horse society or club.”

    Dublin City Council is also planning to fund an education project in Dublin for young people interested in a career working with horses.

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