Cairo Farrier team prepares to go back to the Pyramids

  • The Cairo Farrier team is going back to Egypt and needs your help – both to raise money and by donating farriery and veterinary equipment.

    Devon farrier Kris Parsons and his apprentices – H&H blogger Roland Thompson and Alex Eltringham – went to Cairo in March this year to help vets and equine dentists from New Zealand (the Kiwi Care Team) and local charities who were offering care to the horses and other equines at the Pyramids.

    Egypt’s recent political instability has meant the number of tourists visiting the pyramids has dropped dramatically and the owners of horses that tourists rode to view the pyramids have experienced a huge loss of custom.

    The spring trip was a great success and another trip is planned for October.

    A charity has been set up – Farrier Care International – and they shall be running an online auction at the end of August on the Cairo Farrier facebook page.

    So far lots include lessons with New Zealand Olympic team eventer Caroline Powell and England 6-goal polo player Ollie Hipwood, commissioned paintings from equine and animal artists and a portable Hot Horse Shower from ShowerKing.

    The team welcomes further offers and also needs farriery and veterinary equipment.

    They have asked for new shoes or those suitable for refitting in sizes 4 ½ -5 ½ inch, rasps, hoof nippers and road nails, swabs, blue/purple antibiotic spray, wound powder and hypodermic needles.

    • To help, contact cairo.farrier@hotmail.co.uk or go to www.facebook.com/cairofarrier

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