British Horseball ladies competition

  • With the rain finally easing across the country, the British Horseball Association headed to Solihull Riding Club on 5 August to host a ladies one-day tournament.

    Eight teams entered with two novice and six more experienced teams. Newnham, Chepstow and Yorkley were unable to attend due to the recent bad weather.

    The day included a couple of upsets of form as Nottingham were beaten by Rutland, who went on to win Group A, and South Causey pulled back a poor display in their first game to win group B.

    The day also gave the mixed team of Kevin Burton, Jamie Gibson, Ben Berry, David Gardener, Mark Brennan, Adam Maycock, Chris Radley and Kevin Brown a chance to train for a final time before they left to contest the European Cup in St. Lo.

    The BHA will be returning to Solihull for a league weekend in September before the ladies team of Zoe Kerry (captain), Sarah Whitby, Donna Allen, Emma Lowther, Jenny Lowther, Rochelle Plumb, Jodi Wise and Caz Parret head to the Ladies European Championships in Rennes.

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    Group A
    1. Rutland Horseball Club
    2. Nottingham Horseball Club
    3. London A

    Group B
    1. South Causey Horseball Club
    2. London B
    3. London C

    Novice division
    1. Nottingham Horseball Club
    2. North London Novices

    Visit: www.horseball.org.uk and www.midlands-horseball.btik.com

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