British-bred horses going on the cheap

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    British-bred horses are much cheaper to buy than foreign horses, according to a recent survey.

    An online questionnaire conducted on behalf of British Breeding, the breeding arm of the British Equestrian Federation (BEF), showed that the average price paid for horses bred in Britain is considerably lower than that for horses bred in mainland Europe.

    “The survey gathered evidence of a clear pricing difference between Britain and the rest of Europe,” explained independent researcher Georgina Crossman, who undertook the research.

    The average price for a British-bred horse stands at £2,662 – compared to £3,918 for an Irish horse and a whopping £7,652 for a horse from mainland Europe.

    British Breeding is alarmed at the findings and will now work to increase the financial potential of British-bred horses.

    “The results demonstrate that money is not being reinvested back into British breeders’ pockets,” says Jan Rodgers, Head of Equine Development and Breeding for the British Equestrian Federation. “Britain’s equine progeny should be commanding similar prices to equivalents abroad.”

    The introduction of the National Equestrian Database and a more formalised system of evaluation will, according to Rodgers, bring British Breeding onto a level par with its foreign counterparts.

    “We have some catching up to do,” she maintains, “We have all the right bloodlines but there are steps we all need to take to make people aware of what’s available in this country.”

    Increased publicity of the success of British bred horses, particularly stallions and their offspring, and raising awareness of the consumer legislation that protects buyers in this country will hopefully improve market confidence. “It is a shame that British Breeders aren’t being rewarded for the work that they do,” Rodgers finished.

  • The research findings were released today at the British Equestrian Federation/British Breeding Open Event at Buckingham University. For more information visit: www.bef.co.uk/britishbreeding.htm
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