• In the fourth running of the European Ladies Horseball Championships, in Rennes on Sunday 16 September, the British team beat Belgium 12-2 to bring home bronze, out of six nations.

    They are only the second British team to win bronze. Leading horseball nation France took gold, with Spain in silver.

    The British team was captained by Zoe Kerry (Hopeful Mission), with Sarah Whitby (Murfy), Rochelle Plumb (Loreena), Caz Parrett (Takouta Spirit), Jenny Lowther, (So Independent), Jodie Wise (Royal Origin), Donna Allen (Starbuck Charger) and Emma Lowther (Siglavy Kyra).


    Emma Lowther, pictured above with Rochelle Plumb, told H&H : “We went in to the final game knowing what we had to do and we did it. We played the best horseball any of us have ever played.

    “The whole team would like to thank the national coach Matthew Worthington.”


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