Showjumper buys exciting prospect in young stallion at Brightwells Elite auction for £22k

  • International showjumper Derek Morton secured the top lot at Brightwells August Elite Sale held at Addington Manor EC on Saturday evening (18 August), spending £22,000 on lot 36, the three-year-old KWPN stallion Keyton (Cidane x Whitesnake) whose sire Cidane jumped up to 1.40m level.

    The total amount of money spent on the night by all the buyers amassed to just under £500,000, while the average purchase price was £14,000.

    Derek plans to compete the eye-catching 16.1hh stallion himself from his base at Beech House Stud and also use him as a commercial stallion for the stud farm in Staffordshire.

    The rider shared a post on social media, showing ‘Owen’ in his new stable at Beech House Stud.

    Brightwells August Elite Sale: full list of sale prices

    Lot 1. Kimberly 3yo mare (Gaillard De La Pomme x Arthos R) £7,500 not sold

    Lot 2. Kadar L 3yo gelding (Ustinov x Nabab De Reve) £9,000 not sold

    Lot 3. Kamilla Khatoon 3yo mare (Balou Du Rouet x Contender) £21,000 SOLD

    Lot 4. Phoenix VD Withoeve 3yo gelding (Hunters’ Scendro x Sheyenne De Baugy) £8,000 SOLD

    Lot 5. Kyra Silver 3yo mare (Dantos HBC x Silverstone) £9,000 SOLD

    Lot 6. Klaudius 3yo gelding (Indorado x Empire) £11,200 SOLD

    Lot 7. King Kong B 3yo gelding (Obligado B x Gershwin) £6,000 SOLD

    Lot 8. Girl Power 3yo mare (Grey Top x For Edition) £14,500 SOLD phone bidder

    Lot 9. Coeur De L’Esprit Z 3yo gelding (Connor x Lemmod) £10,500 not sold

    Lot 10. Calaite Van Generhese Z 3yo mare (Calais Z x Indian Gold Van Casterhoeve) £7,500 not sold

    Lot 11. Big Big Chance 3yo gelding (Chance x Wizzerd WV) £12,000 SOLD

    Lot 12. Pasquale Van De Fruitkorf 3yo stallion (Galisco Van Paemel x Ramiro) £7,500 not sold

    Lot 13. Kornetto BS 3yo mare (Cornet’s Diamond x Silverstone) £7,500 not sold

    Lot 14. Kahill H.M 3yo gelding (Zavall VDL x Campbell VDL) £15,000 SOLD

    Lot 15. Darcon V&V 3yo gelding (Douglas VDL x Calvaro) £12,000 not sold

    Lot 16. Cisco’s Calor Z 3yo gelding (Carrera VDL x Damiro B) £16,000 SOLD

    Lot 17. Compliment 3yo mare (Colosal x Tangelo VD Zuuthoeve) £5,500 SOLD

    Lot 18. Kindependence J.W.B 3yo mare (Zavall VDL x Sheraton) £20,000 SOLD

    Lot 19. Kyra 3yo mare (Dantos HBC x Hattrick) £6,500 SOLD

    Lot 20. Amazing-K Van’t Kattenheye Z 3yo stallion (Arezzo VDL x Mr.Blue) £15,000 SOLD

    Lot 21. Prima Donna Van Het Voortveld 3yo mare (Vannan x Vigaro) £12,500 not sold

    Lot 22. Ballyfree Kannalier 3yo gelding (Kannan x Cavalier Royale) £10,000 SOLD

    Lot 23. Coco Chanel 3yo mare (Diatendro x Aldatus Z) £9,500 not sold

    Lot 25. Duriel Z 3yo gelding (Dieu Merci Van T&L x Emerald Van’t Ruytershof) £18,000 SOLD

    Lot 26. Kate Slottie 3yo mare (Etoulon VDL x Lucky Boy) £15,000 SOLD phone bidder

    Lot 27. King Cornet 3yo stallion (Cornet Obolensky x Burggraaf) £17,500 SOLD

    Lot 28. Kiss me Soon GR 3yo mare (Quasimodo VD Molendreef x Arezzo) £16,500 SOLD

    Lot 30. Kohinoor 3yo gelding (Quality Time x Damiro) £8,000 SOLD

    Lot 31. Katarina 3yo mare (Zapatero VDL x Lupicor) £18,000 SOLD phone bidder

    Lot 32. Mr. Grey 3yo gelding (Clarcon x Lansing) £15,200 SOLD phone bidder

    Lot 33. River Field Cornet Chin 3yo mare (Cornet Obolensky x Aldatus Z) £11,500 not sold

    Lot 36. Keyton 3yo stallion (Cidane x Whitesnake) £22,000 SOLD

    Lot 38. Kamilla Utopia 3yo mare (Gino x Odermus R) £8,500 not sold

    Lot 39. Kingsman 3yo gelding (Voltaire x Cantus) £14,500 SOLD

    Lot 40. Clarisal-W 3yo stallion (Casalito x Clarimo) £8,000 not sold

    Lot 41. Durney 3yo gelding (Durango VDL x Sidney) £15,500 SOLD

    Lot 42. Modira V Z 3yo mare (Modesto x Landlord) £21,000 SOLD

    Lot 43. Daktari 3yo mare (Dantos HBC x Topas) £16,500 SOLD

    Lot 44. Kings Of Leon ZK 3yo gelding (Ustinov x Jumpy Des Fontaines) £15,200 SOLD

    Lot 45. V-Power Z 3yo gelding (Vagabond De La Pomme x Corofino I) £25,000 not sold

    Lot 46. Donna Van’t Gebergte Z 3yo mare (Diamant De Semilly x Prince VD Wolfsakker) £17,000 SOLD

    Lot 47. Koskarino 3yo gelding (Freedom x Ferragamo) £18,500 SOLD

    Lot 48. Powerplay 3yo gelding (Ultimate De Kreisker x Toulon) £12,000 SOLD

    Lot 49. Kandy G 3yo mare (Ghandi x Triomphe) £6,500 not sold

    Lot 50. Kadar AH 3yo stallion (Elton John x Holland) £9,000 not sold

    Lot 51. Karma 3yo mare (F-One USA x Diarado) £7,000 SOLD

    Lot 53. Coco 3yo mare (Colosal x Con Capitol) £13,200 SOLD

    Lot 54. Doncester 3yo gelding (Dibadu L x Rebell Junior) £9,500 SOLD

    Lot 55. Karola Marinus 3yo mare (Obligado B x Lennard) £11,000 SOLD

    Lot 56. Calimera 3yo mare (Colosal x Cezaro) £12,500 SOLD

    Lot 57. Levista Van De Kanaalweg Z 3yo mare (Levisto Alpha Z x Apollo Van’t Lindebos) £7,000 not sold

    Lot 58. Viper Z 3yo stallion (Vigo D’Arsouilles x Darco) £13,200 not sold

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