Brave IRA victims reunited

  • Echo, the police horse who was badly injured in a 1982 IRA bomb blast is reunited with his rider for his 30th birthday

    Echo, a 16hh grey gelding was lucky to make his 12th birthday when he was caught up in the 1982 IRA bomb blast outside Knightsbridge Barracks in London.

    Now after 18 years’ retirement at the Home of Rest for Horses in Buckinghamshire, Echo has just celebrated his 30th birthday.

    “A few weeks ago we were worried he wouldn’t make it after suffering what was either a stroke or a heart attack,” said Rebecca Keating from the home. “He had a very serious attack of colic and we didn’t think he’d pull through.”

    “Echo is a fantastic creature, a real gentlemen, laid back and a great favourite with the grooms and visitors.

    Birthday celebrations took on a nostalgic twist for Echo who was reunited with his police partner, DC John Davies, who was riding him on that fateful day in 1982.

    The trauma of the blast left Echo unable to work again – he was retired in 1983.

    To donate money to the Home of Rest for Horses (tel: 01494 488464) or visit www.homeofrestforhorses.co.uk

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