Staff working ‘tirelessly’ to save emaciated rescue pony

  • A pair of horses are receiving veterinary care after they were rescued from a Lincolnshire field.

    Police called Bransby Horses on 14 February as they were concerned for the welfare of two ponies. They had been monitoring the animals closely and called on the charity for help with removing them.

    Vets and the RSPCA also attended, and the owners signed over the ponies into Bransby’s care.

    Bullseye and Lasso, as they have been named by staff, were both malnourished with a body conditioning score of just 0.5 out of 5.

    They were infested with lice and had lesions covering their bodies.

    A spokesman for the charity said Bullseye was given pain relief and probiotics on arrival.

    “He underwent routine tests, including full blood profiles and faeces and saliva tests,” added the spokesman.

    “The staff are currently working tirelessly with Bullseye, a high-spirited pony, to build his strength and begin his rehabilitation.”

    Bransby rescue


    Meanwhile Lasso’s condition was more concerning.

    “With barely enough energy to eat, Lasso was weak and sadly, severely dehydrated,” said the spokesman.

    The attending vet administered five litres of intravenous fluids, along with pain relief, steroids, antibiotics and a probiotic to help support his condition.

    “Lasso was administered more fluids through the night and began to respond to treatment.”

    Bransby rescue

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    He was also given routine intake blood, faeces and saliva tests and the next morning was showing signs of improvement.

    “Our experienced staff decided that he still needed some extra support, so he had a plasma transfusion from rehoming barn resident, Thor,” said the spokesman.

    “Lasso will continue to be provided with pain relief, steroids, antibiotics and probiotics but is still very weak; he has a long road to recovery ahead of him.”

    * Update 4.15pm 17 February

    Sadly Lasso was put down this afternoon as his condition worsened.

    “Although he initially responded to treatment, he rapidly began to deteriorate yesterday, despite the plasma transfusion he was given on Wednesday,” said a Bransby spokesman.

    “He had fluid in his lungs and trachea which would have developed in to pneumonia and his protein levels were dangerously low due to his emaciated state.

    “Bullseye was wormed yesterday and so far is showing no adverse effects. However, he remains very ill and staff will continue to care for him around the clock, hoping his condition doesn’t worsen.

    “We hope everyone can take comfort in the fact that Lasso received the best possible care in his last few days.”

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