Blue Peter stars in Windsor driving challenge

  • Two Blue Peter presenters are taking up a carriage driving challenge at Royal Windsor Horse Show on Saturday (17 May).

    Although they are not part of the official competition, driving newcomers Radzi Chinyanganya and Lindsey Russell will go head-to-head over the carriage driving marathon course used in the Land Rover International grand prix.

    Former carriage driving world gold medallist Wilf Bowman Ripley and his stunt-riding GB team-mate Dan Naprous are in charge of training the presenters for the challenge, which will take place directly after the marathon phase.

    Show director Simon Brooks Ward said: “The carriage driving marathon is an amazing spectacle and one of the highlights of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

    “The sport requires a combination of precision, skill and true horsemanship. Radzi and Lindsey will be attempting the same obstacles that the professionals will be facing and need to come prepared!”

    Radzi said that of all the challenges he has been involved in on CBBC, “this one is unique”. Although his training has reportedly being going very well, Lindsey can see herself “putting further daylight between us in our personal head-to-head challenge when it comes to the big event”.

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