BETA plans new code for horse feed

  • The British Equestrian Trade Association (BETA) is to launch a code of practice to cover the horse feed industry next year.

    The code will cover all unlicensed complete or complementary compound feed products.

    Claire Williams, chief executive of BETA says: “Plans to bring out a code date back to two years ago when there was a lot of legislation coming out for Europe but the equine feed industry wasn’t covered – it was slipping through the cracks.

    “There were also some questions being raised about the claims in adverts about what some feeds could do.

    “Things have improved greatly since then, but we want to encompass all the good practices in a code.

    “It will be a tool forthe industry to use to make sure they are complying with the legislation rather.”

    The code will be officially launched at the 2002 BETA International Trade Fair.

    Companies that comply with the code will be permitted to display the BETA logo on product packaging.

    For more details visit: www.beta-uk.org

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