Bedmax introduces Littlemax — a high quality, finer sized shaving

  • Bedmax, the UK’s largest producer of bespoke horse bedding has announced the launch of its first new equestrian product in 10 years — Littlemax.

    Littlemax is a small flake shaving made “specifically made for those horse owners who prefer the finer things in their stable”, says the company.

    Managing director Tim Smalley said: “We know that from our research that there are people who will always prefer a finer shaving, so Littlemax is a natural progression for the company.”

    When Bedmax came onto the market in 2000 it was the first shavings product created specifically for horse bedding.

    Littlemax is made in exactly the same manner as the original product; it is produced from sustainable sources of British pine cut specifically for shavings and not as a by-product of another process.

    Once cut, they shavings are dried to a carefully controlled moisture level and rigorously screened to remove dust.

    Consequently Littlemax shavings while finer, still offer the anti-bacterial properties of pine, minimal dust and maximum absorbency, comfort and protection.

    Currently Littlemax is only manufactured at the company’s Midlands plant however it intends to extend availability to all areas of the UK.

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