Award-winning apps, sport drinks and rugs make the grade

  • Premier EPOS came out ahead in the safety and security category at the BETA International innovation awards for its smartphone app.

    The app allows remote access for full business control anywhere in the world.

    “This system allows the busy retailer to monitor stock levels twenty-four-seven,” said the judges. “It also indicates potential loss due to shop-lifting or internal security challenges.”

    In the miscellaneous category the winner was TORQ’s energy drink in natural vanilla (pictured right).

    The drink combines two natural carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) delivering energy effectively during exercise.

    The judges said: “The powder is easy to mix, for a smooth energy drink which is delicious and extremely cost effective. The sports science research behind TORQ is reassuring for those demanding optimum performance.”

    Highly commended was Racewood Ltd’s Racewood Jumping Simulator, the world’s first jumping simulator designed specifically as a training aid, for both novice riders building confidence, and experienced riders honing technique.

    In the pet products category the winner was Pet Republic Ltd’s “Stop Muddy Paws” – a barrier rug made from a fibre, that helps to remove dirt and is absorbent.

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