Horse & Hound’s Ask The Vet on sale now

  • If you want to enjoy a drama-free summer on a healthy horse you can’t afford to miss this issue, which is jam-packed with the latest advice from leading veterinarians and industry experts.

    A handy A-Z guide to common summer conditions will ensure you’re well informed as the weather improves. From recognising a dehydrated horse, identifying skin allergies and keeping tendons healthy when the ground becomes firm, to lowering the risk of grass sickness and avoiding photosensitisation — it’s all covered along with plenty more.

    And don’t miss a vet’s seven ways to prevent laminitis, plus the desensitisation technique giving new hope to sweet itch sufferers


    Has your horse started to make strange noises when he’s breathing? Possible causes and treatment options for wind problems are explained in our easy-to-follow guide to the horse’s respiratory system.


    Are these the strangest withers you’ve ever seen? Find out why the highest point of a horse is so vulnerable, and how several eventers and showjumpers bounced back from serious breaks to successfully compete at the top of their sports.


    No one likes the word cancer, and horses are at risk of developing this crippling disease too. But life-saving treatments for sarcoids, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma patients are available, with encouraging results. H&H Ask The Vet brings you the latest from the Animal Health Trust.

    Would you recognise osteoarthritis? This painful joint disease can affect any aged horse, but it is often missed and has devastating consequences. Grab your copy so that you know the signs to watch for.


    Antibiotic resistance is on the rise and is a serious threat to every horse owner. Act now to protect the UK’s equine population — we tell you how.

    Have you ever been told that your horse is two-tenths lame, but not truly understood what that means? H&H explains the facts behind the numbers, and reveals why navicular disease could be a thing of the past.

    Did you know that urine provides crucial clues about your horse’s health. You’ll never look away when your horse urinates again after reading this veterinary advice.

    All this is included in the latest issue of H&H Ask The Vet — plus plenty more.

    H&H Ask The Vet is on sale now — don’t miss it!

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