Anky van Grunsven’s horsebox crashes on way home from Olympia

  • Top dressage rider Anky van Grunsven’s horse box, holding top horses IPS Salinero and IPS Painted Black, was involved in an accident in the early hours of this (Wednesday) morning on their way home from Olympia.

    At 2am driver Jo van den Oetelaar was driving Anky’s truck near Dover when the lorry crashed into a car which had been involved in a previous accident and was in road with no lights.

    A comment on Anky’s website said: “There was no way he could have seen the car on the road. Fortunately nobody was hurt or injured and the horses were okay.

    “The drivers of the car stood on the refuge lane. They had gone out of their car because they were afraid their car would go on fire after the first crash.”

    The horses were taken to a nearby vet and spent the remainder of the night there, being cared for by Anky’s groom Willeke.

    This morning another of Anky’s trucks was sent over to Dover to pick up the horses. The other lorry is being repaired.

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