Aid effort for Afghan animals

  • A leading international charity is mobilising a team to help the animals of Afghanistan

    The World Society for the Protection of Animals is preparing to send a disaster relief team to Afghanistan.

    Spokeswoman for the charity, Isobel Cooley said there is already some help being given to the animals at Kabul zoo, which number less than 20.

    However Isobel said that there are plans for a team to help all animalsaffected by the conflict to go out in January.

    “The long term plan is to help all animals, including horses and dogs,” said Isobel. “We believe there is a large rabid dog population in the country so one of the ways we could help would be to vaccinate those that haven’t been infected.”

    She said the charity had already donated £10,000 to the Brooke Hospital for Animals, which has three mobile clinics helping owners and their horses and donkeys at the border with Pakistan.

    In Peshawar in Pakistan, the BHA’s field clinics have been admitting large number of Afghan horses, which could not be treated by the mobile team.

    Each horse received food, deworming treatment, tetanus vaccination and new shoes. To make a donation contact WSPA ( tel: 0800 316 9966).Visit:www.wspa-international.org

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