Abandoned pony with severely infected legs found in Surrey

  • A pony with seriously infected hind legs has been found abandoned in Surrey.

    The piebald mare was discovered on a country lane in Chaldon on Tuesday (7 August).

    Her hind legs were so infected she could barely walk. They were swollen with cuts and grazes that were crawling with maggots.

    The pony, who has been named Star by RSPCA staff, was attended by a vet and is now undergoing treatment. Vets think she is around two and a half years old and is 11hh. They also believe she has been kept in a stable for sometime and may have recently had a foal.

    RSPCA inspector Lucy Chillery believes the animal has a bacterial infection in the wounds which must have been left untreated for well over a month.

    “I was so shocked when I saw this poor animal’s wounds. She was in such a pitiful state that she had to lift one foot after another off the floor to ease the pain,” said Lucy.

    “She had clearly been dumped in the middle of the night by someone who then just drove away. She was found on a quiet country lane at an early hour, away from any houses orpaddocks, barely able to walk.”

    The RSPCA is appealing for any information as to Star’s owner. Please contact: 0300 1234 999.

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