Abandoned mare ‘left to die’ shortly after giving birth

  • A young mare who had recently given birth was found abandoned and underweight, in too much pain to move.

    A member of the public called Redwings on 23 August to alert them to piebald cob Raggy, thought to be a four-year-old, who had been dumped on the derelict Passmores School site in Harlow, Essex.

    She was suffering from severe laminitis and was producing milk, meaning suggesting she had recently given birth.

    Redwings’ welfare officer Jo Franklin, who went to the site with an RSPCA inspector, said: “Sadly, it is highly likely the mare was abandoned due to the severity of her condition; she was in such pain that she was rooted to the spot, unable to move.

    “At this stage the cause of her laminitis is unclear. The condition is usually associated with obesity or hoof issues, but Raggy is actually very underweight at a body condition score of just one out of five and she doesn’t appear to be suffering from any hoof abnormalities.

    “Upsettingly, as well as being severely laminitic, Raggy also had an udder full of milk so I can only assume she had recently lost a foal or had her foal recently removed from her.”

    The RSPCA’s Samantha Garvey urged anyone with any information on the mare’s owners to speak up.

    “This is yet again another example of an irresponsible owner abandoning their sick and injured horse to die alone and leaving it to someone else to deal with,” she said.

    “This mare was so poorly she was unable to move and alarmingly she was producing milk which means she must have recently had a foal.

    “We would also really like to find out if she has had a foal how the foal is doing now as we are also concerned for its welfare and want to check it is ok.”


    An abandonment notice has been issued and Raggy is undergoing veterinary treatment.

    Redwings CEO Lynn Cutress said: “We’re very concerned about poor Raggy and we have pledged to do everything we can to help her by funding her veterinary treatment and offering her a home should no owner come forward.

    “Sadly the outlook for this sweet-natured mare is very uncertain, so we are urging anyone with information to contact our welfare team or the RSPCA.”

    Anyone with information is asked to call Redwings on 01508 481008 or email welfare@redwings.co.uk

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