Horse dies after 8-hour rescue from a drain

  • A horse that was trapped in a drain has died after an 8-hour rescue effort by the ISPCA.

    The skewbald was discovered chest deep in drain water near the Grand Canal in Ireland. She was taken out of the water but was very weak, borderline hypothermic and in very poor physical condition.

    The horse was treated by a vet and did show some interest in food, but her condition did not improve and she had to be put down.

    “It was not the outcome we had hoped for,” said Inspector Michael Keane.

    “When we got her out of the water we were optimistic that we could save her, but it wasn’t to be. It got to the stage that continuing the rescue effort was only prolonging her suffering so a decision was made to euthanase her on humane grounds”.

    The ISPCA contacted the local police to try and identify the owner.

    “The condition of the horse contributed to her becoming stuck in this position in the first place and limited her chances of surviving the ordeal,” added Inspector Keane.

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