4 teams of fire fighters rescue stuck horse

  • Firefighters have rescued a horse called Romeo who had fallen backwards down a deep river bank in Yorkshire.

    It took fire crews from 4 different stations 2 hours to rescue the 6-year-old in Barnsley last week (14 March).

    Station manager Simon Dillon said: “It was an unusual and particularly difficult rescue as he had fallen backwards into the river and become wedged between overhanging trees and the bank.

    Romeo“Our firefighters worked extremely hard to dig away the bank. The large tree roots in the bank made that really difficult, but we got there in the end.

    “Once out, he trotted over to his owner and let out a neigh of thanks to the crews.”

    Romeo was checked out by vets after his ordeal and was given drugs to help with muscle fatigue and to fight any infection from being in the water.

    Other than a few scrapes from where he had tried to free himself, he was unharmed by the experience and should make a full recovery.

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