Is this the cutest advert you’ve ever seen? [VIDEO]

  • It’s the moment we have all been waiting for… Budweiser has released its Super Bowl advert for 2015 (see above) — again featuring a Clydesdale and his puppy friend.

    The beer brand’s Super Bowl adverts — which have featured Clydesdales for the past 30 years — have become an annual treat for soppy story lovers.

    Last year Budweiser’s advert named “Puppy Love” tried to tug at viewers’ heart-strings even further by throwing a Labrador puppy into the mix.

    2014 advert: Puppy Love


    This year the puppy and the Clydesdale are back, but unfortunately the horse doesn’t manage to keep a close enough eye on his new friend and he goes missing.

    The 2015 advert, which was released yesterday (Thursday 28 January), has already had nearly 5.8m views on YouTube ahead its airing during this Sunday’s Super Bowl (1 February).

    Advertising slots during the Super Bowl command record sums — with a 30 second slot during the event reported to cost around $4 million (£2.7m).

    Brian Perkins, a Budweiser vice president said: “The Budweiser Clydesdales have appeared in our Super Bowl ads for nearly three decades,

    “They continue to serve as time-honoured symbols of how we brew our beer: remarkable care and attention, sparing no expense, the highest quality and consistency.”

    Best of all time?

    Budweiser’s 2013 advert “Brotherhood” has been voted the greatest Super Bowl ad of all time.

    The advert — which shows the bond between a breeder and a Clydesdale — came out on top according to US TV channel CBS’ viewers.

    The advert starts with the foal at just seven days old and shows the relationship develop between the pair, before the horse is eventually handed over to Budweiser.

    Three years later when the breeder goes to watch the horse parade in Chicago, there is an emotional reunion.

    2013 Budweiser advert: “Brotherhood”

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