The 12 ponies of Christmas: could you give Lavender a home?

  • On the third day of Christmas Horse and Hound and World Horse Welfare gave to me ….Lavender.

    The second of our 2017 12 ponies of Christmas is 18-year-old 12.3hh Lavender, who gave birth shortly after she arrived at World Horse Welfare’s Glenda Spooner Farm in March 2016.

    “She was emaciated and had been left to fend for herself, struggling to survive,” said the charity’s spokesman.

    This kind, sensitive mare is now looking for a home as a non-ridden companion.

    She is happy to stay on her own or be stabled for short periods when another horse is being ridden out.

    “The ideal home for Lavender would be a quiet yard where she could live out as much as possible and build a bond with her handler,” said a spokesman for the charity.

    Although very wary when she arrived at the charity’s Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset, Lavender’s confidence with people has improved with regular handling.

    “Every day tasks do not faze her but getting to know and trust new people may take time,” said the spokesman.

    The mare is sensitive to sunlight so needs to wear a fly rug and mask during the summer months when turned out.

    Grazing also needs to be restricted to prevent laminitis and obesity.

    All World Horse Welfare’s four centres are operating at full capacity and unless more rehomers are found only urgent cases can be taken in.

    Giving a home to a rescue pony gives them a second chance at fulfilling their potential and helps develop new skills and confidence.

    Rehomers are given full support and advice from the team at World Horse Welfare and each pony comes with a detailed health record and honest description of all behavioural traits.

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    For more information on Lavender, or any of the other World Horse Welfare horses and ponies who are looking for new homes, visit the charity’s website.

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