World Horse Welfare joins the British Equestrian Federation

  • The international horse charity World Horse Welfare has teamed up with the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) to promote the importance of horse welfare in equestrian sport.

    It is intended that the new partnership will strengthen the relationships between the BEF, World Horse Welfare and the federation’s existing member organisations.

    Andrew Finding, chief executive of the BEF, commented: “It is important that we provide an environment that allows our member bodies to work together on all issues surrounding the horse. Equestrian welfare is particularly critical to all we do and therefore World Horse Welfare’s role is vital to our industry.

    “Their coming into the Federation draws together the work we do both nationally and internationally in conjunction with the FEI. This is a particularly important time in review of the considerable number of horses requiring care and attention.

    “There is also a potential synergy for us in partnership with World Horse Welfare in finding homes for horses after rehabilitation. This will not only improve welfare but may also contribute to increasing participation.”

    World Horse Welfare chief executive Roly Owers, said: “World Horse Welfare is delighted to become a member of the BEF. Our membership makes good sense given our long-term support for the responsible use of horses in sport and our role as welfare advisors to the FEI for the past 3 decades.”

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