Veteran Horse Society teams up with Aloeride

  • Horses at the Veteran Horse Society are to benefit from Aloeride, a natural aloe vera supplement.

    A series of trials was undertaken at the society’s head office, which is home to over 20 horses on retirement and rehabilitation. And the charity will now receive the support from Aloeride.

    “Coming into the winter months especially, supporting the older horse’s immune system is imperative,” said Julianne Aston, founder of the charity.

    “However, the additional benefits of feeding Aloeride are also improved coat and hoof condition and assisting healthy digestion — all key factors for the veteran horse or pony.”

    The relationship will ensure that both permanent and temporary residents will benefit from the supplement’s wide-ranging health assistance.

    For further information visit: www.veteran-horse-society.co.uk and

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