Surface suppliers Martin Collins celebrates 2 new racetracks

  • Martin Collins Enterprises (MCE) Ltd, the Berkshire-based surfaces supplier, is recovering from a globe-trotting few weeks, during the company has notched up three landmark achievements.

    The 20th racecourse surfaced in Martin Collins’ Polytrack opened in Deauville, France, last week, swiftly followed by the 21st at Greyville, South Africa. The company also celebrated its 30th anniversary on 26 June. 

    In addition, Collins is the first supplier to construct racecourses simultaneously in three continents. The French and South Africa projects were already underway this spring when Collins commenced work on two racecourses in Turkmenistan.

    Mr Collins became interested in surfaces 40 years ago as a working pupil of Alison Oliver, whose more famous student at the time was the future European eventing champion, The Princess Royal.

    He later set up his own company before moving into racing gallops and inventing the “waxed” footing Polytrack.

    “Back in 1984, I could never have anticipated we would be opening one new Polytrack racecourse a year, never mind two within days of each other,” Mr Collins said. “I am proud and delighted that Polytrack has reached all these landmarks.”

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