Roland’s nags and nails: injuries and weight loss

  • I’ve accumulated some more injuries this week. One is a nail puncture wound to my hand — something I was bound to get at some stage.

    However, I was not expecting a grazed eyeball. An over-friendly cob wanted to sniff my face and his rough old top lip wrinkled, twitched and jabbed me straight in the eye. It was so painful and all day my eye streamed. Not your everyday farrier injury!

    There’s a rumour that the weather might start getting better, so fingers crossed that comes true. I was massively disappointed by the snow flurry we had this week, but it didn’t affect things too much.

    The ground has started to dry up and so have the hooves. They become very hard — almost like concrete — when there is a prolonged dry spell, but for now it’s just such a relief not to be working on wet, muddy ones.

    On another note, I weighed myself this week. I can’t actually remember whether I’ve weighed myself at all since starting this apprenticeship, so it was a real revelation what the scales were saying. A lot of people have commented on how much weight I’ve lost recently, so that’s what prompted me to get on the scales.

    It’s very liberating being able to eat exactly what I want and not to having to worry about weight. When I was a corporate office worker, I was losing the weight battle. There was no such thing as guilt-free eating. Well, now there is. Which reminds me, I must check the profiteroles aren’t burning!

    Until next week,



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