New veterinary app for horse owners

  • Horse owners can now manage their horse’s health from their mobile phone.

    A free app  — which is thought to be the first of it’s kind —  has been launched by a veterinary group in Buckinghamshire.

    Hampden Veterinary Hospital, which has a specalist equine clinic near Aylesbury, has put out the app which allows clients to store data about their horses — including vaccination reminders — and provides information about the practice.

    More than 500 customers have already downloaded the app, which was launched last month.

    Steve Sharpe from Hampden Veterinary Hospital said: “We recognised that we needed to make it easier for horse owners to contact us, and for us to also provide more selective information that clients would find useful.”

    Mr Sharpe also hopes that the new app will help owners to keep vaccinations, parasite routines and dental treatments up to date.

    “As well as the practice sending out reminders there is a need for owners to have their horse’s information and treatment details readily accessible in one place,” he added.

    Industry experts believe that this new idea could spread nationwide. Colin Blackman, whose company A Perfect Pocket created the app told H&H that he had already been approached by a buyer to potentially roll it out to a further 230 practices.

    A spokesman from BEVA added: “Vets, vet practices and pharmaceutical companies are all increasingly engaged with new technologies both in their clinical work and in business.

    “This progress will undoubtedly improve communication understanding and efficiency.  We can only see this trend continuing to grow.”

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