New training opportunities for saddlers

  • The Society of Master Saddlers has launched a new Continuous Professional Development (CPD) scheme to encourage its members to keep updating their skills and training.

    CPD points are now awarded to encourage saddlers and saddle-fitters to take part in a range of training opportunities. These include saddle-making and saddle-making courses, conferences, health and safety programmes and business courses.

    CPD is not compulsory but we recommend that [those who participate] should aim to gain 10 CPD points a year averaged over a three-year period,” said Hazel Morley of the Society of Master Saddlers.

    “Ideally knowledge should be kept up to date and the standards gained on qualifying should at the very least be maintained.

    “While not exclusive, the accrual of CPD points goes some way to formally recognising this.

    “Saddlers and saddle-fitters actively advancing their expertise will be better equipped to deal with a more diverse range of problems and business scenarios, and perhaps even give them the competitive edge.”

    To register to take part in the Society of Master Saddlers’ CPD programme, tel: 01449 711642 for further information.

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