New campaign aims to reduce the risk of equine disease

  • A campaign that aims to reduce the risk of disease to Britain’s 1 million horses has been launched. 

    Keeping Britian’s Horses Healthy has been set up by MSD Animal Health.

    The main focus is on the benefits of preventative healthcare. However, the campaign is also designed to address the rising number of horses in the UK that are not vaccinated against equine diseases.

    According to research the most common diseases to vaccinate against are equine flu and tetanus. However less than 60% are vaccinated for the latter. 

    Keeping Britain’s Horses Healthy also encourages owners to vaccinate against equine strangles and herpes

    “Equine infectious diseases can severely affect a horse’s health and performance and in some cases prove fatal,” said a spokesman for the company.

    “As in humans, prevention is better than cure and vaccination is a key element in the fight against infectious disease.”

    Your vet will be able to advise you on a suitable vaccination or prevention programme and the frequency of booster vaccinations.

    To find an equine practice participating in Keeping Britain’s  Horses Healthy, visit the vet finder at www.healthyhorses.co.uk. 

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