Harley Equestrian helps first time point-to-point riders

  • First time point-to-point riders can get some help from Harley Equestrian this season.

    All Point-to-Point riders applying for their Riders Qualification Certificate (RQC) for the first time can get a £10 voucher and 10% discount.

    Tracey Habgood, of Harley, said: “We fully appreciate it is tough for new riders to get started and that a lot of race riding equipment is required.

    “Our new initiative gives a little help at the start of their riding career and we wish all new riders the very best of luck for the coming season”.

    Vouchers are being sent out by the Point-to-Point Authority office in conjunction with successful RQC’s.

    Contact the PPA office: info@p2pa.co.uk or telephone 01285 841920

    For more information visit: www.harleyracing.net

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