Donation given to British Young Breeders

  • British Young Breeders (BYB) has been given a donation from an equine welfare charity to help educate young people about the importance of responsible breeding.

    Mrs Pilkington’s Charitable Trust — which works throughout England and Wales to prevent cruelty to horses — has given the donation with a view to reducing welfare cases.

    The money will be used to recruit and train new members and will form the basis of four bursaries to support the development of talented young breeders.

    “[The donation] provides a timely boost for potential British team members in the run up to the World Young Breeder Championships in July 2013,” said a spokesman for BYB.

    The organisation is open to anyone aged 15-25 who is involved with breeding sport horses and provides practical and theoretical training for breeding, as well as a social network.

    Lisa Yates, a member of the British Young Breeders Team at the 2011 World Young Breeders Championships said: “BYB has given me access to teaching from some of the most successful warmblood breeders in the world and taught me to see horses how they see them, understand what they’re looking for, and present them in the best way possible.”

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